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What we do 

Inspect and report on the level of infestation and offer possible solutions which would include:  cleaning bird droppings, repainting ledges and walls (optional) spraying for bird lice in roof spaces (optional) and install effective deterrents to keep birds from returning.



 Spikes Spikes for pigeons

Bird Spike, when applied correctly, prevent the birds from perching or roosting on structures - extremely effective on ledges or narrow structures. Our stainless steel bird spike is invisible at a distance of 10m and carries a 20 year guarantee. IT EVEN WORKS ON HADIDAS AND EGYPTIAN GEESE guaranteed!!



Gel remains permanently tacky and birds that land on it experience the effect of being trapped - Birds will be seen fleeing rapidly after landing on Gel

  Gutter Netting

Gutter nets are effective at keeping birds out of roof spaces.

  Light-well Netting Light-well pigeon Netting Light-well Netting

Light-well nets are use to enclose large problem areas such as light-wells and courtyards - no matter what the size! 

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